Art and Design

[for fun] digital sketchbook with Bamboo Paper app


[band merchandise] (Femme Fatale) Pacific Media Expo 2015 buttons

[band merchandise] (heidi.) Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 T-shirt (official heizo and logo graphics owned by heidi.)


[band merchandise] (heidi.) Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 buttons (original linework by band members)

heidibadgesistr *photo courtesy of Rubab Rizvi

[band merchandise] (heidi.) Izumicon 2015 T-shirt (official logo graphic owned by heidi.)

[band merchandise] (heidi.) Izumicon 2015 Charms

heidicharmsistr *photo courtesy of Rubab Rizvi

[illustrations] Journey to Japan@GaijinPot 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

header 07

[illustrations] Being Vegan in Japan@GaijinPot 1 2 3

vegan in japan header draft

[logo] Physiotherapie Georg List

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